Why Scraps of Grace you ask??? Primarily because it is through God's grace that I am able to do what I love...scrapbooking, cardmaking, basically anything that has beautiful paper and embellishments involved. This is also a place to share my work as well as whatever is on my heart. A creative outlet for the mind, body, and soul.

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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Feeling Like a Blog Slacker...

But there's certainly no slacking going on in my life.  I am so swamped between work, the kids' school and sports activities, my Bible study and MOPS work...the list just keeps growing.  Seriously!  I'm in some dire need of crafty time but it just never seems to materialize.  I do have another birthday card - the one I made for our oldest son who is now officially a licensed driver! How did that happen so fast???  For those of you with young children at home - don't blink because before you know it they will be all grown up.  Live in each moment and enjoy it all - I ought to listen more carefully to my own words I know because I blinked and I have a child driving and finishing up his last year of high school.  Anyhooo...onto celebrating him.

Because my wonderful mother taught me the importance of sending thank you cards, I have passed this little life lesson along to my children (often to their dismay) and make sure to provide them with thank you cards they can write for the gifts they so generously receive.

These are a lot of older products that I've had in my supplies for a while but I thought the colors and distressed look were perfect for a teenage boy. 
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