Why Scraps of Grace you ask??? Primarily because it is through God's grace that I am able to do what I love...scrapbooking, cardmaking, basically anything that has beautiful paper and embellishments involved. This is also a place to share my work as well as whatever is on my heart. A creative outlet for the mind, body, and soul.

I encourage you to relax, read, and browse a while and I hope that your day will be brightened and blessed by what you encounter.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Good Times with Girl Friends

I just got home from an amazing trip to Las Vegas with my girl friends.  Some of us flew in from Colorado, another friend from Arkansas and then some are local to Las Vegas.  Mostly we hung out and did a whole lot of relaxing but we did spend one night enjoying a nice dinner out (complete with an accordian player) a LOT of walking and a little gambling.  It was a blast...so fun to just be with the girls and know that our kiddos were safe and having a blast with their daddies.  My husband took our boys camping - they came back filthy and still needed baths when I walked in the door after my flight but they had so much fun and I was happy to spend time cleaning them up and snuggling them into their PJ's.  Sometimes you need a little break from the responsibilities of family to appreciate how truly amazing it is to be blessed with a wonderful husband and children.  I'm so happy to be home, so happy to have spent such good time with the girls, and so happy to be me!
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Linda said...

So glad you're taking time out for you on occasion. It's always good to revitalize the juices with your friends and do something entirely different for a change. Your paper crafts are spectacular, Cat, and I must admit it reminds me of your also spectacular Christmas cookies! Wishin' you the best . . .