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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Birthday Wishes All Around

Lots and lots of birthdays to celebrate in our extended family and circle of friends these days.  Kids and adults alike!  I spent an afternoon creating cards to see us through a couple weeks of birthday goodness.

All of these cards have been mailed or hand delivered to their extra-special recipients and a whole new list of cards to be created has made its way to my craft desk. 
The younger boys have wrapped up their baseball seasons as well so there were small thank you tags to be made to hold gift cards for my husband's assistant coaches who are so instrumental to making it all work.
Super simple thanks to my Silhouette. 
We are on a short hiatus from organized sports but the littles do have swim lessons every morning for the next couple of weeks and then we're on to flag football.  Love all the activity in the summer - it keeps them busy and worn out so they sleep well at night.  Momma collapses at the end of the day too but that just means we have a fun and full day right?

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Mary Pat Siehl said...

what fun cards and tags!

Mirabyll said...

Oh, you really inspire me! Now I neeeeed to go home and make small banners with flower patterned paper! Thank you so much!

Juliana Michaels said...

What cute cards and tags!!!