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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

I love this picture of Zach and Tyler...they were having so much fun this day - hiking, riding their bikes, chasing their Daddy up the trails at Waterton Canyon and then the topper to find these great big dandelions to blow. I don't even think they were really dandelions, they're some big wild, weed that grows out here. Regardless, you would have thought they hit the jackpot! Anyhow, love this picture, love this new paper pack from Echo Park Paper Company and love the way this layout turned out.

We were actually out in the same neighborhood with a friend and her boys today. Roxborough State Park does this really cool kids hour on Tuesday mornings, it's free, they learn about amazing stuff related to the land (today it happened to be Indians), and then you can hike around and enjoy a picnic lunch. It was gorgeous today, a little overcast so it wasn't too hot, a little breeze to keep the air crisp, and wildflowers blooming around us. Other than my whiny 4-year old, the morning was perfect. Good thing because all the kids got a bit cranky on the way home and it was a bit much for us moms. Breathe deep...this too shall pass, right??? Once our friends left, I separated my younger two and they finally settled down. I just think life has been rather busy for them lately too.

As much as we are enjoying all the activity of summer, it can become overwhelming. Tyler started T-ball last night and Paul has volunteered to be his coach, he's really good at it and the kids get a kick out of how silly he can be. I think it will be wonderful all the way around but did we really need to add more to our already full plates? Probably not, but sometimes we do even when we don't really want to because it brings someone else joy.

Our weekend of camping was glorious - perfect weather and all kinds of fun stuff to explore and do. Tyler caught his first fish EVER...super cute but really funny too. He was all excited to reel it in but when Paul went to hand it to him so I could take his picture he wanted nothing to do with that fish. Finally Paul ended up holding it up in front of Ty so I could snap a couple of shots. Zach was super cute all weekend too, journaling up a storm...keeping track of all our activities, how many times we each rode our bikes around the campground loop, what different color flowers we saw on our hikes. It was fantastic! A little calm in the storm of our wild lives...a much needed break from the everyday and a true blessing from God. After all, he created the beauty that surrounded us and brought us such peace.
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