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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

A Lovely Weekend...

I actually managed to get a layout done over the holiday weekend...and hadn't anticipated that, usually our weekends are reserved for family time but the two younger boys ended up at their friends' houses at the same time, the hubby was napping so I got to scrapping. This layout is another one inspired by Liz Chidester over at The Scrappiest. I'm telling you, she does such great work and her layouts are super inspiring to me. Guess our styles are similar so it's easy for me to see my photos and papers in her layouts. Thanks again for all the inspiration Liz!

We had a really nice weekend. We prepared the RV for our upcoming camping trips - there were so many "little things" that we've wanted to repair or improve for the last couple of camping seasons so we knocked those out over the weekend and now it's ready to go. We did a bit of 4x'ing in our local mountains too. Took some hot dogs and fixings for s'mores, a little firewood and a few Tonka trucks, shovels and buckets and we were off. We staked out a campsite, unloaded and let the boys go nuts. They just love the dirt and I think they'd play all day in it given the opportunity. In the early evening we started our campfire, roasted hot dogs and then got to the important part - the s'mores! Paul got some great pictures of the boys that I'm sure will find their way into layouts - marshmallows and chocolate all over their faces. So fun to watch them enjoy such simple things so much.

Our town honored our military by placing flags - both the American flag and POW flags - up and down one of the main streets of town. It made me feel like I was sucked back in time to the days when people strolled main streets and knew everyone they passed. It was a great reminder of the incredible sacrifice the men and women of our military make on our behalf. I for one am eternally grateful...thank you, and God bless!
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Great page! I love the stitching around the title!