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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Dreams for a Graduate...

Blog neglect is a bad thing...but sometimes it's inevitable so to all my wonderful followers, my apologies for my recent blog neglect.  School is finally out over here and what I'm sharing today is one of the last "must do" projects on my list.  My beautiful niece is getting ready to graduate from high school and I really wanted to create something special for her. 

As an adult there are times I look back and wish that I had pursued my dreams more than I did...granted what freshman in college really knows what they want to be/do when they grow up???  I know I didn't but as a woman (married with children) I now realize that althought the time to pursue your dreams never ends - it sure is a lot easier to do when you don't have a family to incorporate into those dreams.   Not that I would change a single minute of my past because it has brought me to the blessings that I have now but I think every single one of us wishes we had pursued a dream that we let fall by the way side because it seemed impractical or didn't "fit in" with our overall "plan".  I have learned that I am so not in control of "the plan"...it's all in God's hands and has been from the very beginning.  I just hope that my niece grabs a hold of her dreams and goes after them with all her heart as she moves on to this next phase of her life.  Best of luck beautiful girl!

Here are some close ups of each panel in case you're interested...

 The sentiment says "chase your dreams you just might catch one"

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S said...

Oh this is just wonderful. And I think it is never too late to start chasing new dreams.

Casey Wright said...

What a cool project! Love this!