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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Oh baby...

I have a baby shower to attend on Sunday evening and decided to make this bib card to go along with the gift. I found the sketch for this in Paper Crafts Go to Sketches magazine. I've had this magazine for a long time and I don't think I've even read through the whole thing yet but I've pulled it out so many times to inspire me when I had cards to make. If you love making cards, you'll love this magazine.

It's almost summer break and we just got snow last night. It makes it tough to gear up for summer fun when we're bundling the kids up in winter coats and hats to go to the school bus stop in the morning. Regardless, summer IS coming and all of our kids have so much stuff going on as we near the end of the school year - field trips, parties, yearbook signing, graduation parties...the list goes on. Plus it seems that every child in my younger boys' classes are having birthday parties RIGHT NOW. We have 3 this Saturday so my husband and I will have to divide and conquer to get to all of them...I think we're going to have to draw straws as to who has to sit through the insanity at Chuck E. Cheese with our preschooler. It's a good thing we have that big "family calendar" on the wall in the hallway...otherwise I'm not sure I'd know where I was supposed to be this month.

On another note, we're dog-sitting for some friends and can I tell you how very spoiled this dog is becoming. My kids love to have her right next to them and are constantly calling her name to get her attention. Super cute but I fear for the tears that will come when she finally has to be returned to her owners. We even took Bella to the dog wash yesterday where Tyler and I donned our plastic aprons and proceeded to get her all cleaned up after she dug a hole under our backyard fence. She was a little dirty to say the least! Thankfully she didn't go anywhere when she escaped other than to our front yard to play. She's such a good dog...I think even I will miss her despite the fact that she made my allergies go nuts for a few days.
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