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Friday, February 17, 2012

Wrapping up Valentine's Day

I hope you were all blessed with lots of love on Valentine's Day.  The kids sure had fun passing out their Valentine's to their classmates this year.  I created their cards based on an idea that Lisa Dickinson used for her son last year...I saw it here on her blog a while back and then while browsing through Michael's for something totally unrelated I saw these blank cards with windows in them and nearby, I spotted the buttons.  PERFECT!  I knew there would be tons of candy passed out by their classmates and I didn't want to add to the sugar high but I wanted their cards to have something special for them to give their friends.  Thank you Lisa for your creative genius! 
 The cards themselves were a dove gray and a little boring so I added the dashed lines in red gel pen around the window to give them a bit of pop.  I was able to use my 1/16" hole punch (it has a long reach) to punch the holes and then I inserted the buttons, added the little sentiment banners (I'm stuck on you... on the outside and Happy Valentine's Day! on the inside), and the kids signed them and delivered them proudly to their classmates.

Cute, kid-approved and relatively easy - now that's my kind of Valentine!

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