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Monday, March 15, 2010

Deep in Thought?

So yesterday I had a little time before I had to get dinner ready and was feeling a deep need to do something creative. I've had this picture sitting around on my craft table for a couple of months just waiting to be added to a layout. It was a snowy, cold day here so the kids and my husband were all stuck inside but they finally settled down from all their restlessness and decided to watch a movie. It was the perfect time for me to head up to my craft space and get to work.

I love this picture of my husband. We had spent most of that day chasing our two youngest boys around the paths and rocks out at Waterton Canyon. We were on our way back down the trail when we decided to stop and take a break. The boys were clambering over the rocks nearby trying to see how close they could get to the rushing water before Paul or I would stop them. Always pushing the limits! I digress...back to the picture. So I look over at Paul and he's just sitting there deep in thought so I snapped this photo. Later I asked him what he was thinking while he was sitting there. Much to my dismay he turns to me and says "I wasn't thinking about anything, I was watching the bugs." You see my husband loves to fly fish and to tie his own flies to fish with so what he was really doing was watching to see what bugs were galavanting about so he would know what to go home and make. I couldn't help but crack up - then I had to explain what was so funny of course.

Either way, I love this picture of him and I love that we spent the majority of that day out enjoying the beauty God has created for us!
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Divinity said...

nice!!! this is a great layout!!! i've got a pile of photos that i want to scrap....but i need great single photo/single layouts. and those are hard to find!!!!!!!!! i'm gonna try lift your layout -- it's awesome!! plus, i get to use the border punch i'm borrowing and trying to work into layouts now. so thanks for the inspiration...and great job on the layout!! :)