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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Showin' the Love

I've had this "You put the grand in grandparents" sticker set for about a year now...I saw them and couldn't resist. I knew at some time in my future I'd have photos and great memories that would allow me to put them to good use. I SO love that my parents make the effort to come visit us at least once a year (thankfully, it's usually more frequent than that). Not only are they getting to spend time with their grandsons and Paul and I but they are also building fabulous relationships with our boys. I think their presence helps to ground our kids in who they are and who our family is. After all, what would we be without our families...they are a treasured gift. I for one, know that I could not survive without the love of my family.

On another note, my crocus' and hyacinths are blooming and the daffodils are just about there too. It's a grey cloudy day today so I'll have to wait for better weather to get some pictures to share with you all. It was sunny and warm Monday and Tuesday but today it's chilly - poor kids, I sent them to school in shorts since it was supposed to be warm. The warm weather will be here soon though and that will bring many opportunities to be outdoors basking in the glory of what God has so wonderfully made to bring us happiness. Isn't He good? Well, until next time...be blessed!
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